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About Legacy Investment Trade

Founded in 2003 as a private investment company before it became public to all investors 2014. Legacy Investment Trade has built a reputation as a leader in the Crypto investment industry. In recent years, we have expanded our operations to becoming a provider of digital trading services from crypto, forex and now to AI Managed Trading Accounts. We are proud to offer our services to both institutional investors such as private banks, funds, and HNW investors - as well as retail investors as well. We take pride in providing cutting-edge resources to our clients to stay ahead of all the latest investment trends and opportunities the markets present.

0 M+
Assets Under Management
Average Retail Account Size
Million EUR
Crypto Currencies Sold Globally
30000 +
Clients Worldwide
400 %
YTD Compounded Annualized Return
Average AI Trading Monthly Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

For all our investment package, we charge a 15% performance fee (you keep 85%) and a 1% annual management fee.

Yes. You may log-in to your account 24 hours a day to check the balance, Profit/Loss statistics, make deposits and withdrawals, or contact the trading team.

Yes. We offer a 50/50 fee split. Meaning you receive half of our fees. (We do not charge any supplementary fees to your clients – you are compensated from our current fee structure).


There is 10% referral commission per referral.


If desired, Legacy Investment Trade can also offer an upfront commission on deposits as an alternative. Please note however, clients must stay with the program for a minimum of 60 days should you choose this option.

Due to our clients being from all over the world, it is not possible to speculate on specific tax obligations in your country. Please consult a local tax professional to determine your personal liabilities. Please note Legacy Investment Trade does not file any individual user tax reports with any tax authorities unless court-ordered to do so.

You maintain full ownership of your trading account at all times. Our trading team has trade-only access to your account. Therefore, no withdrawals/deposits are allowed by any 3rd parties whatsoever. This is of course for account security as well as to abide by AML laws.

Legacy Investment Trade can accept client accounts from any country.

No. Our Managed Trading Accounts are fully managed by our team and their technical counterparts. You may log-in to view your account anytime, make withdrawals, deposits, or any necessary profile/documentation updates.
Your account balance may be viewed in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, HKD, or BTC.
Our trading systems are designed to work in both bearish and bullish market sentiments. We anticipate these systems being highly profitable therefore for many years to come. We do however limit trading during major news events.

Legacy Investment Trade allows withdrawals 24/7 as per our policies detailed at www.legacyinvestmenttrade.com

The minimum deposit size are $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum package respectively.

Yes. The MQL Copy trading platform is fully mobile compatible for all modern smartphones and tablets including Apple and Android of course.

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How does Legacy Investment Trade AI
Managed Accounts work?

We're a full-service global financial firm with a team of professional traders managing your account. All you have to do is deposit and monitor your account as you feel needed (24x7).

It's as easy as...

Open your Trading Account.

Digitally sign the trading agreement to give our team trade-only access to your Account.

Deposit funds to your account using a variety of global payment providers.

Accounts start trading only 24 hours after activation.

Check your account 24x7 or every few months. It's up to you.

If you have any questions, contact our team 24 hours a day. We'll get back to you fast.

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized trading.

The high emotionalism of the cryptomarket ecosystem has already become a topic of study by developers who are attempting to come up with an Al-based solution to increase profit returns. One of the first steps taken in this area was the creation of models that use a neural network to make cryptocurrency valuation predictions.

Legacy Investment Trade has invested heavily into advanced super-computing systems developed to conquer the most difficult global financial markets. Our aggressive performance speaks for itself, and continues to outperform convention traders and trading systems.

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