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It is no secret that the digital assets market is rapidly growing. If you consider the investment opportunity that Bitcoin has presented over the years – and the potential for blockchain technology in general – it is quite easy to see that there will be a robust market for years to come.

There are more corporations than ever that are interested in blockchain. For example, Amazon, which is one of the largest online retailers in the world and arguably the most influential Ecommerce giant in existence, has been clear about being interested in the potential of blockchain, and has filed patents related to the sector for some time now. JP Morgan Chase used to downplay the cryptocurrency sector, but recently announced that it was creating its own digital coin, the JPM Coin, to ensure efficiency for the global markets sector. Facebook, one of the world’s most popular social media networks, is also exploring launching its own stablecoin, as well.

One of the issues with many platforms and exchanges when it comes to cryptocurrency is that there are many hacks and data breaches that occur,
despite the fact that many exchanges go to extra lengths to ensure security. World Markets have partnered with some incredible platforms to make sure that our clients can safely and securely invest in digital tokens that might provide an incredible investment opportunity. You might want to invest in an ICO, STO, or stablecoin that appears attractive to you for specific reasons, for example.

As blockchain technology nears mass adoption, and more organizations and corporations utilize it – there is no doubt that tokens with the right applications and teams behind them will grow tremendously in value. World Markets is proud to offer an array of international partners to ensure that you can conveniently and securely invest in the digital asset market.

We are proud to be partnered with DX.Exchange – the leading STO Exchange Platform allowing you to invest in some of the most established global corporations – without the typical complexity of using these type of assets.
Just as you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can now own fractions of expensive stocks or ETFs. DX.Exchange uses blockchain technology to provide users around the world with the unique opportunity of investing in Digital Tokenized Assets, at a fraction of the price, represented by ERC20 tokens.

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